Christopher Lamb

Postdoctoral Scholar Research Associate

Christopher Lamb is a postdoctoral scholar research associate with the Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at USC, where he works alongside Carl Castro exploring quality control and implementation of services provided by both the Los Angeles clinic and the other clinics within the Cohen Veterans Network.

Lamb completed his doctorate in basic and applied social psychology at Claremont Graduate University, conducting research related to attitudes, persuasion, health and social issues (e.g., binge drinking, parent expectancies and adolescent drug use, risky sexual behavior, attitudes toward marriage equality).

Lamb is invested in conducting research informing progressive social change. Specifically, he is interested in exploring veterans’ social experiences, family relationships, community connectedness and engagement, and how these factors are related to well-being. Additionally, his training guides his consideration how application of research can inform policy and improved treatment of veterans. He looks forward to contributing evidence that providing support to veterans, and utilizing a holistic approach focusing on the veteran and their family, is an effective method of facilitating long-lasting and meaningful change.

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